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Olympus Innovations

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Technology Innovations from Olympus

As a member of society, and as the leading healthcare provider, we are committed to making an important contribution toward creating an environment for healthcare that serves humanity. While the providers of healthcare are our primary customers, we are always focused on the patients, whose well-being is at the core of all we do.

We do this through innovations.
Focused on the field of "Early Diagnosis" and "Minimally Invasive Therapies", we have been a pioneer in developing innovative technologies that enable physicians and surgeons to peer inside the human body, fight cancers with minimally invasive procedures, and diagnose and treat a broad range of illnesses across a broad spectrum of specialties.

Our technologies can help clinicians see more and do more; they can help minimize patient discomfort and speed recovery; and they can optimize workflow and maximize operational efficiency, both inside and outside the procedure room or surgical suite.

Collaboration and Inspiring each other

The innovation is not generated without close collaborations and relationship within company and with our customers - dating back to 1950s when we developed the world's first practical gastrocamera. Today, we work with health care professionals every day, matching our innovative capabilities in medical technology and precision manufacturing with their skills to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and society.

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