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Sophisticated Design for Fine and Precise Open Surgery


The World's First Combined Energy Device
Designed for Thyroid/Breast Open Surgery

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The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw maintains the general philosophy behind the THUNDERBEAT technology, and the instrument has been specifically designed for open surgical procedures that requires delicate and fine tissue dissection particulary in superficial and confined area, such as in thyroidectomy, breast procedures and various of open procedures requirng delicate and precise tissue dissection. The result is a highly ergonomic instrument that cuts tissue fast, seals vessels safely and securely, and allows for extremely fine tissue dissection and spot coagulation.

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Integrated Bipolar and Ultrasonic Energy

THUNDERBEAT is the integrated bipolar and Ultrasonic Energy deliverd simultanously from a single, multi-functional instruments. The integration deliveres the widely recognized benefits of each types of energy.
The combination of the two forms of energy is delivered through unique Seal and Cut mode that the THUNDERBEAT system offers. Tissue bundles and vessels are safely sealed and rapidly cut, allowing the surgeon to reduce tissue-dissection time.

Unprecedented Versatility

The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw provides the five following distinct advantages:

Reliability with Secondary Hemostasis and Spot Coagulation

In the SEAL mode, bipolar energy can be applied to immediately seal secondary bleeders without the cutting effects of ultrasonic energy.

Speed and Safety

Fastest in class tissue cutting and secure vessel sealing through the unique combination of ultrasonic and bipolar energy in SEAL & CUT mode.

Fine and Precise Tissue Dissection

Excellent in precise dissection as a result of its design with the ability to cut all the way to the tip, and superior jaw opening and closing forces.
This facilitates easy entry into and seperation of tissue planes as well as the ability to grasp small, fine sections of tissues.

Enhanced Tissue-Grasping Capability

The instrument securely grasps and holds tissue without traumatizing it due to the unique jaw design with atraumatic serrations and uniform tissue compression.

The Revolutionary Instrument design

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Hand Activation Control

Hand Activation Control

Seal & Cut
Advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy for reliable vessel sealing and coagulation with simultanous cutting

Advanced bipolar energy for reliable vessel sealing and tissue coagulation without simultanous cutting

Easily Accessible Hand Swtiche
Easy recognition for seamless operation flow

Handle Design

Optimized Design

Optimized Balance and Lightweight
Provide precise and direct tactile feeling with scissors-type grip, similar to state-of-the-art surgical instruments

Specialized Grip
ergonomic design to help prevent hand slippage

Fully integrated bipolar & ultrasonic technology THUNDERBEAT

Fully integrated bipolar & ultrasonic technology


  • The world's first fully-integrated ultasonic and bipolar technology
  • Rapid Cutting and Reliable 7mm Vessel Sealing from a single instrument
  • Unprecedented Versatility with Revolutionary jaw design
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Generator ESG-400



  • Latest generation universal HF generator
  • TURis 2.0 – Bipolar prostate & transcervical resection
  • Ready for "Thunderbeat"
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Ultrasonic Generator USG-400

Ultrasonic Generator


  • Graphical User Interface for intuitive operation
  • Ease of use, and rapid troubleshooting
  • Automatic mist and smoke evacuation
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