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Integrated Bipolar and Ultrasonic Energy
From a Single Versatile Instrument


World First Integration of Bipolar and
Ultrasonic Technology


7mm Vessel Sealing
and Fast Cutting
in a Single Instrument

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The THUNDERBEAT Difference

The revolutionary THUNDERBEAT platform is the WORLD's ONLY integration of Ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energies delivered through a single multi-functional instrument, allowing a surgeon to simultaneously seal and cut vessels up to and including 7 mm in size with minimal thermal spread. The patented jaw design provides precise, controlled dissection and always available advanced bipolar coagulation without sacrificing grasping ability.

Surgeons no longer need to choose between rapid dissection and reliable hemostasis when selecting an advanced energy device.

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Unprecedented Versatility

  • Reliable 7 mm vessel sealing & cutting
  • Very precise dissection with unique, fine jaws design
  • Fastest-in-class cutting of any advanced energy device
  • Minimal thermal spread
  • Improved visibility with reduced mist generation
  • Significant time savings by minimized need to exchange for other instrument
  • Manage secondary bleedings by bipolar mode only

Revolutionary Jaw Design

THUNDERBEAT devices feature a patented "Centre-Pivot" jaw design that evenly distributes closing pressures independent of tissue thickness or type, producing consistently superior vessel seals plus higher grasping and dissecting forces.

Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System

THUNDERBEAT's associated Surgical Tissue Management System generators also support Olympus' Resection in Saline system for gynaecology and urology, as well as conventional bipolar and monopolar energy.
A truly universal energy platform for the operating theatre.

Revolutionary Handpiece Design

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Multiple Shaft Lengths

Multiple Shaft Lengths

5mm shaft available in 10cm, 20cm, 35cm & 45cm lengths
for all specialties and approaches, including Open, Hand
Assisted, Laparoscopic, Pediatric, and Bariatric surgery.

Rotation Knob

Rotation Knob

Rotating knob with infinite degrees of rotation for precise angular alignment

Hand Switches

Hand Switches

Handle Options

Handle Options

Available in three ergonomic handle designs,
Front-actuated Grip, Pistol Grip and In-line to accomodate
a wide range of hand sizes and surgeon preferences.

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THUNDERBEAT Universal Platform

The THUNDERBEAT Universal Platform is a full featured energy system that delivers virtually every known form of surgical energy: Monopolar, Bipolar, Advanced Bipolar, and Ultrasonic, the WORLD'S ONLY integration of Advanced Bipolar with Ultrasonic energy.

This multi-functional platform allows a surgeon to select the best technology to achieve the desired clinical results, and is ideal for facilities looking to save money and maximize value by standardizing on their choice of energy systems. The THUNDERBEAT Universal Platform comes standard with a 5-year warranty and zero cost of service. If repair is necessary, a temporary replacement generator will be provided free of charge to minimize downtime.



The ESG-400 delivers Monopolar, Bipolar and Advanced Bipolar surgical energy.

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The USG-400 delivers Ultrasonic energy, and in conjunction with the ESG-400 delivers integrated Bipolar and Ultrasonic energy to the THUNDERBEAT handpiece.


Advanced Platform Features

Instrument Recognition

  • Plug and play for ease of use

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

  • Easy to use and minimal set-up time
  • Fast operation and troubleshooting

Automatic Mist and Smoke Evacuation

  • Maintains a clear surgical view
  • Saves time resulting from vision related delays
  • No additional smoke evacuation units required (compatible with the UHI family of insufflators)

Hand Switch and/or Foot Switch Activation Compatible

  • Meets individual surgeon's preferences

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

  • Centralized control of all system settings
  • Centralized display of current setting

Ordering Information


ESG-400 Electrosurgical Generator
USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator
TC-E400 Energy cart for EPF-1 System
TD-TB400 Transducer for THUNDERBEAT
TD-SB400 Transducer for SONICBEAT
MAJ-1870 Footswitch for THUNDERBEAT
MAJ-1869 Footswitch for SONICBEAT
MAJ-1871 Communication cable - short
MAJ-1872* Communication cable - long
MAJ-1873* Adapter for the connection to UHI-2 or UHI-3 insufflator
MAJ-1876 Docking fixture
A0451 Instrument Cleaning Brush
MH-507 Transducer Cleaning Brush
*Required for the automatic mist and smoke evacuation function


TB-0535PC THUNDERBEAT 5 mm, 35 cm, Pistol Grip


TB-0920OE THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw, 9 mm, 20 cm, Front-actuated Grip
TB-0009OF THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw, 9 cm length, scissors grip

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