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WA50080A (0°), WA50082A (30°)


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The ENDOEYE 3D enables 3D procedures without compromises. The autcolavable, rigid videolaparoscopes provide comfortable, natural 3D perception with a wide field of view and realistic colors. It is the only 3D laparoscope with 30° image rotation while maintaining the horizon.

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3D-Image Rotation without Loss of Horizon

  • Change the view direction while maintaining horizontal orientation of images, enabling a continuous critical view in 3D

Chip-on-the-Tip Technology

  • Bright, clear, and natural 3D depth perception
  • Focus-free handling; no manual focusing required

Autoclave Compatibility

  • Reduced costs compared with other sterilization methods

Full Control During Surgery

  • Three programmable remote control buttons

Plug and Play

  • Simple to set up and easy to use


Order Number Outer Diameter Direction of View Field of View Working Length Max. Insertion Portion Width Cable Length
WA50080A 10 mm 67° 330 mm 10.07 mm 2780 mm
WA50082A 10 mm 30° 67° 335 mm 10.20 mm 2780 mm
VISERA ELITE II Video system center  OTV-S300

VISERA ELITE II Video system center


  • LED Light source and processor in one box
  • 3D/2D observation
  • IR Observation compatibility
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