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The WM-NP3 has been designed and manufactured to enhance the user experience and add value to the Olympus Imaging Platform systems. Using a slim line profile, increased loading capacity whilst taking up less floor space and lower running costs, the WM-NP3 will support Olympus Systems without dominating the Clinical Environment making it a valuable successor to WM-NP2.

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Dedicated accessories are available to optimise system and procedural efficiency.

Easy to Move

Ergonomically designed handles and twin wheeled castors allow the workstation to be moved into the ideal position in the Clinical Environment.


The WM-NP3 workstation is offered with a choice of Monitor arm that optimises the range of compatible monitors and enhances the procedural view with both swivel and tilt functionality. The MAJ-2216 has a weight range between 6.5kg and 12kg and the MAJ-2217 has a weight range between 12kg and 14kg. Using a VESA fitting, both arms will accommodate a monitor up to 32".

Electrical Safety

The WM-NP3 is supplied with a separation transformer as standard. Output from the transformer is controlled using the central on/off switch allowing all equipment to be powered up simultaneously.

Inrush current control & Low Power Standby

The WM-NP3 uses a level detector to detect mains distortion and protect the transformer from inrush current. The inrush current protection system is powered from a medically approved AC-DC power supply. To reduce the Environmental impact of the WM-NP3, the low power standby mode reduces standby power consumption giving greater efficiency and energy saving.

Cable Management

Optimised cable management has been achieved by locating the cable management modules within the workstation hoop increasing the cable capacity and providing access to route and remove cables easily.

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