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OCR Prostheses

OCR Prostheses

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Olympus otology solutions provide innovative implants and prostheses in a range of materials including the Dornhoffer Implant, Kartush self-locking strut, and Micron Monolithic System for enhanced stability. Further solutions to meet surgeons' preferences are also available for PORP and TORP, and made of various materials such as Fluoroplastics, Hapex, Hydroxylapatite or Polyethylene.

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Innovative solutions

Working in conjunction with premier global otological surgeons, Olympus otology systems provide the most advanced and innovative solutions for middle ear stability.

Wide range of materials

The complete line of implant and prosthesis solutions is made of various materials to meet surgical preferences.

Dornhoffer Implant System

The Dornhoffer Implant System offers three-point stability: at the stapes, malleus, and footplate. The hydroxylapatite head enhances stability at the malleus, whilst the Titanium footplate shoe is designed for use with 0.8mm TORP shafts.

Kartush Strut System

The simple solution for providing stability in ossicular chain reconstruction (OCR) is to use hydroxylapatite struts. The self-locking design adds stability and improves visualisation. When the malleus is absent, the Kartush strut can be combined with a cartilage cap.

Micron Monolithic Implant System

Developed to reduce glare, the open-head, tiltable design is available in centred and off-centred orientations to maximise visualisation and facilitate implant placement and handling. Our patented Micron Titanium finish smoothes all surfaces reducing the potential extrusion due to sharp angles.

Micron Adjustable Implant System

Micron Titanium is available exclusively by Olympus, providing stability in an all-titanium TORP and PORP. Sizing at the time of implantation allows for flexibility while requiring minimal stocking units.

Otoscope TrueView II Otoscope 2.7mm


TrueView II Otoscope 2.7mm

  • Reliable treatment thanks to superior image quality
  • High durability
  • Easy set-up
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Otoscope TrueView II Otoscope 1.9 mm


TrueView II Otoscope 1.9 mm

  • Small diameter for sufficient instrumentation space
  • Fully autoclavable for facilitated reprocessing
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Otology Instruments Richards Posigator

Otology Instruments

Richards Posigator

  • Excellent view into operating area
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Durability
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Implants OtoMimix Bone Cement


OtoMimix Bone Cement

  • Rapid and stable
  • Bridging the gap
  • Minimising revisions
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