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Stapes prostheses are available in a wide range of clinical materials. Utilising Nitinol, the SMart Piston and SMart De La Cruz Piston features self-crimping and a self-measuring body for enhanced surgical precision. Micron Titanium being a different material provides an extremely smooth finish with high visibility.

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Continually improving outcomes

Olympus, formerly Gyrus, has been committed to stapes prostheses since 1956. We have maintained our commitment to research and development in response to surgeons’ interest in continually improved clinical outcome and products.

Innovative solutions

Working in conjunction with leading otologists, Olympus otology solutions include stapes implants from a broad range of innovative materials such as Nitinol, Titanium, Platinum, Stainless Steel, Plasti-Pore and Fluoroplastic to suit most preferences.

SMart Piston technology

SMart Piston technology incorporates the self-crimping Nitinol memory metal alloy, which dramatically simplifies crimping in middle ear surgery.

Self-measuring body

The SMart De La Cruz Piston facilitates stapes surgery with its self-measuring body, improving the ability to measure implant length accurately. It is compatible for MRI up to 3 Tesla.

Micron Titanium Bucket Handle

The Classic Bucket Handle is available in Micron Titanium, featuring a smooth and safer finish, high visibility, and excellent sound conduction. Titanium is well tolerated and MRI-compatible up to 3 Tesla.

Otoscope TrueView II Otoscope 2.7mm


TrueView II Otoscope 2.7mm

  • Reliable treatment thanks to superior image quality
  • High durability
  • Easy set-up
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Otoscope TrueView II Otoscope 1.9 mm


TrueView II Otoscope 1.9 mm

  • Small diameter for sufficient instrumentation space
  • Fully autoclavable for facilitated reprocessing
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Otology Instruments Richards Posigator

Otology Instruments

Richards Posigator

  • Excellent view into operating area
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Durability
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Implants OtoMimix Bone Cement


OtoMimix Bone Cement

  • Rapid and stable
  • Bridging the gap
  • Minimising revisions
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