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VISERA 4K UHD Camera Control Unit


  • 4K

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Olympus is always trying to achieve laparoscopic visibility that is equivalent to open surgery by providing HD video imaging systems with advanced technologies.

With the 4K technology, Olympus is now striving to make laparoscopic visibility even better than open surgery by adding features such as Ultra High Definition, Wider Color Gamut, and Magnified Visualization.

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4K High-Quality Image Processing

  • Wide color gamut
  • 16-axial color-phase adjustment (more precise color setting based on surgeon's preference)
  • Improved AE (automatic exposure) function

Improved Operability

  • Touch panel enables adjustments during procedure
  • Easy registrations and loading of user presets
Power Supply Rated voltage 100-120V / 220-240V AC; within ±10%
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz; within ±1 Hz
Rated input 350 VA
Size Dimensions (maximum) 390 (W) × 160 (H) × 506 (D) mm
Weight 13.5 kg
Observation Signal system Corresponds to the 4K and HD
Signal output (resolution) 4096 × 2160, 3840 × 2160, or 1920 × 1080 can be selected
Signal output (transmission method) 3G-SDI or HD-SDI can be selected
White balance adjustment Available
Standard color chart output The "Color bar" screen can be displayed
Color tone adjustment Red adjustment ±8 steps
Blue adjustment ±8 steps
Chroma adjustment ±8 steps
Automatic gain control (AGC) The image can be electrically amplified when the light is inadequate due to the distal end of the endoscope being too far from the object
Contrast Normal Normal image
High Darkens the dark part and brightens the bright part compared to normal
Low Brightens the dark part and darkens the bright part compared to normal
Iris Area Auto The exposure area is set automatically to obtain optimum brightness for the subject
Center Center-weighted measuring
Image enhancement settings Fine patterns or edges in the endoscopic images can be enhanced electrically to increase the image sharpness
Either the structural enhancement or edge enhancement can be selected according to the user setup
Structural Enhancement Enhancement of contrast of the fine patterns in the image
Edge enhancement Enhancement of edges of the endoscopic image
NBI observation This observation uses the narrow band observation light
Endoscope's remote switches function The functions of the remote switches on the endoscope can be set in the user presets
Documentation Displaying the record state The recording state of the video recorder can be displayed on the monitor
Displaying the image information The following data can be displayed on the monitor:
  • Zoom ratio / One-touch auto focus / Observation mode / NBI observation mode
Memory backup User presets Up to 10 user presets can be registered
Memorization of selected settings The following settings are held in memory even after the video system center is turned OFF:
  • System settings / Color tone / Color mode / Contrast / Enhancement / White balance
Classification (electromedical equipment) Type of protection against electric shock Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock of applied part TYPE BF applied part
Degree of protection against explosion The camera control unit should be kept away from flammable gases
VISERA 4K UHD Xenon Light Source CLV-S400

VISERA 4K UHD Xenon Light Source


  • NBI
  • 300W xenon lamp
  • Automatic light control
  • NBI Compatibility
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VISERA 4K Camera Head CH-S400-XZ-EB

VISERA 4K Camera Head


  • NBI
  • 4K
  • 4K Exmor R® CMOS Sensor
  • One-Touch Auto Focus Function
  • Ergonomic Design
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Telescopes 5.4 mm and 10 mm Ultra Telescopes


5.4 mm and 10 mm Ultra Telescopes

  • ED Glass Lenses for razor-sharp images
  • Distortion-Free images (5.4 mm telescopes)
  • Wider Field of View
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Medical 4K LCD Monitor LMD-X550S / LMD-X310S

Medical 4K LCD Monitor

LMD-X550S / LMD-X310S

  • 4K
  • Supports 4K resolution-four times the resolution of full HD
  • An immersive experience with a closer distance
  • Higher contrast
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